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TRT Sound, the world's best sound

The TRT Sound certificate is to the "recording chain" what the THX certificate is to the "reproduction chain".

The purpose of the THX certificate (created by George Lucas in 1983) is to ensure that the audio of the film is reproduced exactly as it was conceived in the mixing room.

The purpose of the TRT Sound certificate is to ensure that the sound heard in the mixing room is exactly the same as the sound produced by the performer on stage.

All our recordings have this certificate. They all show the sound of the instruments "as is", without subtracting or adding anything. The result is a sound with unprecedented naturalness.

See it for yourself. Compare our sound with the sound produced by conventional recording methods.

Manuel de Falla: Fantasía Bética

Beethoven: Quintet for Piano and Wind, Op. 16: III. Rondo (Allegro ma non troppo)

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