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Musicstry Studios, the sound of the artist

In the year 2012 Mario Martínez, recording engineer and music producer, undertakes an acoustic research project, financed with private funds, destined to build, for the first time in history, a completely transparent audio recording system. The result of this project is Musicstry Hall Madrid.

To build this system, an unprecedented stereo recording methodology is developed, which implies the creation of a third way as an alternative to the two existing methodologies. This new methodology is known as Truthful Recording Technology.

The use of this methodology guarantees the integrity of the sound during the recording process, which means that the sound recorded on the recording medium is exactly the same as the sound produced by the performer on the stage. Recordings that meet these conditions show the certificate TRT Sound.

To implement the results of the project, a record label is created whose purpose is to publish and disseminate these recordings free of charge to let musicians and music lovers all over the world know about the benefits of this new methodology. The name of this record label is PlayClassics.

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